“Travel Guide: Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines.”

Thanks for visiting. Thumbs up or share this link if you have a “travelers heart” like mine who loves experiencing the thrill of traveling alone or with friends especially when you are on a tight budget ;).  This blog is about the adventure I had in the City of Golden Friendship, Cagayan de Oro City.  I would love for you to look at it through my eyes or my mobile phone lenses so come and join me!

First up, decide whether you are going by land or air or sea.

I am from Davao City and I choose to get there by land so I took a bus from Davao City for P535.00. This is a bit expensive but look at how comfortable and  luxurious the bus is.

It is a KingLong bus that runs smoothly and it’s less bumpy. The passenger’s seat is elevated, the seats are curved the right way with the appropriate height and it has its own armrest for added comfort. It is totally worth the price!

Front View
Middle to Back View


Plus, it has its own comfort room! You don’t usually see a bus that has a comfort room! I like it. It’s just a cozy box that has a toilet and a sink.



With automatic buttons.


To be honest, I am quite surprised! It is an 8 hour ride that consists of 5 stops where you can have coffee or eat breakfast or lunch or dinner depending on the time of your departure, not bad compared to the regular ones that make more than 5 stops per trip.

Note: I suggest you take the seat in the middle left side as most of the beautiful views can be viewed on that side of the bus.

So after a looooooong trip, I’m finally in Cagayan, The City of Golden Friendship!!

For my first day, I decided to roam the city attractions first and then get some rest for the night.

Things to REMEMBER: DO NOT CROSS THE ROAD WITHOUT USING THE PEDESTRIAN LANES or you’ll be fined with P1,500 (solely for highways and intersections).

ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BELONGINGS. You never know what might happen . it is most important that you keep yourself safe. 😉

Places to visit in Cagayan De Oro for Starters:

After setting foot in the terminal, I went to ride a jeepney worth 7 pesos to Divisoria.

The Divisoria is usually crowded at night with different stalls selling clothes, food and souvenirs. If you happen to come here during the day, you would be able to go the following:

Cagayan City Museum.


Their museum is open from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. There is no entrance fee but you have to donate any amount desired for the maintenance of the establishment. This has 3 floors all containing ancient artifacts that explains the history of Cagayan.





It looks creepy but it’s worth it. Even the locals have no idea of how wonderful it looks inside.

St. Agustin Cathedral.



Lit a candle for a safe trip.


“Duaw Kagayan Park”


This is where you can see the bridge that allows travellers to cross the other side of the Cagayan River. It has a few food stalls where people can enjoy having a meal on the Riverside. It is very quiet by the day so I did not take any photo of it anymore. Sadly, I never got the chance to go back to the place by the night.

These destinations are basically in the same compound.

Then, I found this small food place named “Ngohiong” selling Philippines famous Street foods and other delicacies. I had their famous “Ngohiong” of course for just 15 pesos it is served by two and with this very yummy sauce. It is best served and eaten HOT! 😀


And their Adobo Rice for 50 pesos including the 8oz soft drink of your choice.


Both on a very affordable price.

Then I went to look for affordable transient inn or lodging houses but realized there is a transient located right across the terminal that costs P100 per night. This is consist of a simple room with foam and fan so you can save a lot on your whole adventure. This is perfect for backpackers like me.


It has a “Carinderia”  downstairs where you can dine and enjoy a couple of bottle of beers and eat hearty meals and tasty barbecue.


And It is open 24 Hours!! So I decided this is perfect!

Finding your way around Cagayan De Oro.

People on Cagayan are so warm with the tourists. You can easily approach anyone and find your way through the destinations. If you prefer to have a guide, you can always contact *TRAVEL AGENCIES* to give you a tour around Cagayan de Oro famous tourist attractions.

Apart for that, you can also have a dose of Cagayan City nightlife by going to the Divisoria and the parks (as mentioned on above) but it won’t be complete if you don’t eat out or do some bar hopping.

Here are the following bars and restaurants that is perfect for night owls like you!




The Ayala Centrio Mall has lots of restaurants you can choose from. From seafood to all meat, from American to local delicacies you got it here.  You can also dine right at their lower ground floor which has an outdoor/park-like theme where there are trees with lights hanging on them that is perfect for romantic candle light dinners. This I recommend to people with taste in extravagant food.

Don’t forget to check out Oro Shawarma


They make great tasting Shawarma that I am sure you will enjoy. It is located on the 3rd floor of Ayala Centrio Mall.

For sealed tight pockets. You can simply roam around the streets and indulge yourself with various street foods prepared by food stalls or tents right on the sidewalk or go to restaurants serving scrumptious grilled meals from fish, chicken and pork.

Note: some small food places have their water dispensers set up where you have to put 1 pesos just to get a glass of water. 😦


If you are craving for something sweet, you can also find several cafe and dessert places and choose whatever you like among them. I can actually name a few but I suggest you explore, that’s a big part of travelling alone. We are talking about adventure right?

The night life here in Cagayan never stops. Bars are open from day to night, always ready to serve the locals who needs to chill.

I highly recommend:

8th Street Bar and Grill – Tomas-Saco  Street Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. 


Perfect for people who loves to chill, listen and sing to acoustic music. I did coz I love to get attention hahaha! 😉



Don’t forget to order a basket of finger foods for 150 pesos, especially this “Chilli Cheese Fritters”.



That’s so hot! Like, literally! 😀 (don’t forget to buy chocolates to put your burning mouth at ease. Here is their FACEBOOK PAGE.

LED Bar  – Corales St. Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. 


This is perfect for people who loves to party!! They have their live band at the center, disco bar on the right and videoke bars on the left. Their chairs are glowing! They are giving justice to the LED Theme. Here is their FACEBOOK PAGE.

As expected, I came home wasted as a rotting vegetable hahaha!!

So on my second day I decided to travel farther from the city and visit a few Legit Attractions. It’s as if I shifted from a wild party animal to a religious person knocking on heavens door as I take a trip to the holy lands of the Divine Mercy Hill in El Salvador, Misamis Oriental.





To know more about the Divine Mercy Hills, please click this link.

After this holy encounter with God, here I am again partying to another Cagayan pride, LOKAL Bar and Grill. They have this whole area thought and planned properly making a building for acoustic bars with band of course and KTV rooms as well as tables lined up outside for a chill outdoor feel. To know more about their future events and promos don’t forget to like their FACEBOOK PAGE.


Look how cozy it is from up above! I highly recommend this location. You’ll love it here!

For my very last day, I decided to follow my instincts and let my feet take me to a place closes to my heart. The BEACH!!!!!!! Yes, the beach!! My trip won’t be complete without getting a taste of the sea breeze the soonest as possible. 

The adventure won’t be complete without a few bumps on the road so I am proud to say that I got lost! In a good way, I bumped into the:

Macabalan Wharf


Upon spending time for minutes asking for the closest beach resort. I finally choose my destination and I took a Jeepney to take me from the Agora Terminal to Mc Arthur Park (via Velez) then Mc. Arthur Park to BonBon (via Bon Bon)  and walked my way inside the famous “PAASA COMPOUND” to get to:

Jesper Beach Resort

Entrance: P 5.00

Breath taking view of the velvet sky! The place is so serene as there are no rocks to have the waves crashing into and it makes your swimming experience worth while. Had a few bottles of beer and then headed back to the terminal to take my ride home from a wonderful trip. TSADA! 

Expectations Vs. Reality

I have enjoyed my whole trip in Cagayan De Oro. Even to this day, I can still remember the smell and the vibe of the whole trip that I had. I kinda felt bad that it is not as clean as I hoped it would be (but it is normal for a busy city to be dirty so I have no complaints and… please don’t sue me. I am not badmouthing 😀 ) , street children are everywhere sleeping in the sidewalks, there is not enough security but the people were very warm and very nice that I felt safe the whole time.

There are thousands of places I was not able to visit because I am limited with time and budget but my trip was indeed a great one that I plan top visit Cagayan De Oro again and even recommend to have my friends visit.

Don’t forget to buy their famous pasalubong  the PASTEL and bring smiles to your loved ones faces!


And that concludes my amazing trip to Cagayan de Oro. Hope you enjoyed reading. Please don’t forget to share this link or subscribe to my other blogs.

Keep traveling! Have a safe trip to you all! PEACE OUT!

For more info about Cagayan de Oro, don’t forget to visit this link.



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