“Miracles Do Happen”: Divine Mercy Hills, El Salvador, Misamis Oriental

Living our daily lives, we meet new people, make great and memorable stories, live up to the hassle of the city, work to feed our families and still have time to party all night long. One question remains, when was the last time you set foot into your church? When was the last time you confessed wholeheartedly? Was your confession a genuine one?

What are the sacrifices that you have made to show your devotion to God and what are the stakes that you are willing to take to prove it? Today we are going to knock on heavens door.

Welcome to, the Divine Mercy Hills, El Salvador, Misamis Oriental. 


The Divine Mercy Shrine is a Catholic monument in El Salvador, Misamis Oriental, Philippines. It features a 15.24 meter statue ofJesus as the Divine Mercy as the focal point of Divine Mercy Hills, a tract of land overlooking Macajalar Bay on the southern island ofMindanao.

The nine-hectare land for the Shrine was purchased for a nominal amount and the complex was paid for by donations.The shrine was completed in 2008 and serves as a pilgrimage site for Divine Mercy devotees. The Divine Mercy Christ Statue, stands 50 ft. tall. It is said that the lord gave the Pilgrims a vision of a hill facing the ocean. The Lord asked them to find a place and build a sanctuary to prepare the people for his coming.

The pilgrims guided by the lords vision found this place and decided it was perfect according to the vision given by God. Miraculously, they were showered with blessings in order for them to start building this sanctuary along with the help of a few people donating building materials and financial support to keep the building process to push through.

As this sanctuary was opened, there were a few messages and signs about God showing up to this sanctuary, dancing sun, glowing halo, figures that are believed to represent angels accompanying the devotee’s as they parade around the sanctuary.

Miracles have happened in this sanctuary, there is sickness that were healed, answered prayers and more. The only thing that matters is the faith that these devotee’s have which makes the sanctuary survive through time.

A few things that I can share about my trip will be shown through the use of the photos that I have taken throughout my visit.

Upon Entering, women need to wear long skirts for the holiness of the sanctuary. You have to climb a few more steps to reach the statue. IMG_20160313_130454.jpg

You will see this church behind the 50 ft tall statue of Jesus Christ. Here you can say your prayers.

You can have a drink or wash your face with the holy water. They sell plastic bottles for you to put holy water in it and take it home.
Join the orientation where they give you information about the whole place and access stubs as pass for you get to the heart of Jesus 40ft from the ground with a total of 80 steps as well as a piece of paper with a prayer printed to it for you to recite as you take the stairs to his heart.

Afterwards, you will have to put your letters in writing and put it in a box for the priests to pray it over. Many prayers were miraculously answered as it was being blessed by the priests.

From the bottom of Jesus statue you can see the ocean. Exactly the way he showed the pilgrims as a vision. Unfortuantely, you are not allowed to take photos from the view up top anymore.

Climbing up to the heart of Jesus gives you this feeling of being touched by the holy spirit. Anyone who climbs the stairs to his heart feels overwhelmed that they end up crying as they say their prayers.

I must say that my life has changed since the time I visited this place and it certainly restored my faith to God knowing that he has a plan for everything. That all I have to do Is to believe in him our God almighty.

Getting here is not easy so for devotees and first timers like me, it is all worth it. I vow to visit this place every once a year and do my best to take as much people with me.

Miracles do happen, as long as you believe.

Thank you Dear God for this opportunity. May God Bless Us All!



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